Dutch Fund for Climate and Development

Inviting fellow impact makers seeking finance for bankable nature solutions

"We, humans, are just beginning to learn to understand the intelligence of life and her symbiotic relationships, and even more slowly grasping to apply it. In our Dutch Fund for Climate and Development session from the WWF office, the theme of shared value between the fund partners; between projects in landscapes; and within communities seems to be a key to success and impact." As Li An Phoa, moderator of this event stated.

“A ton of honey has more value on the global market than a ton of copper”. - Nachilala Nkombo, Chief Executive Officer from WWF Zambia

Thanks to all who attended yesterday’s online event, Dutch Fund for Climate and Development Financing Bankable Nature Solutions. It was a big success, with over 800+ attendees and your participation meant a lot to us. A special thanks to our panel for the day who shared their expertise on the DFCD call, answered your questions  and explored various possibilities.

Li An Phoa, Moderator, Initiator Drinkable Rivers

Nachilala Nkombo, Chief Executive Officer, WWF Zambia

Aart Mulder, Fund Manager DFCD, FMO

Patrick Mugenyi, Chief Executive Officer, The New Forests Company  

Aaron Vermeulen, Director Green Finance Unit, WWF Netherlands

Through WWF, eligible projects can apply for finance from the €160 Million Dutch Fund for Climate and Development (DFCD). Could this be something for you or someone you know? Apply now and share this opportunity in your network!

Want to know more? Visit our opportunities page here or reach out to with any questions. To directly apply click here.


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