Business for Nature’s Call to Action

Nature is at a tipping point. The natural materials and ecosystems that power businesses, underpin economies and support healthy societies are under huge strain.

Businesses have a big role to play in reversing nature loss. But businesses can only do so much on their own, and time is against us.

The widespread social and economic disruption caused by coronavirus risks pushing nature down the agenda. Policy making for the protection and restoration of nature has slowed at intergovernmental and national levels, and it will become harder for some businesses to prioritise investment in natural resources.

Yet, the Coronavirus crisis has also accelerated a rethink of what we want our economies and communities to be like in the future. This is a defining moment where governments can support calls for a ‘green recovery’ and create more resilient economies and societies.

For that to happen, business and governments need to work together now to get the next 10 years right. Nature is everyone’s business.

That’s why alongside more than 560 companies, WorldStartup has signed Business for Nature's Call to Action urging governments to adopt policies now to reverse nature loss in this decade.  

Join us in signing Business for Nature's Call to Action calling on governments to adopt ambitious nature policies

We support the UN Sustainable Development Goals​,representing the potential to create a new economic value. This decade, humanity has to tackle multiple crises. Together, we can protect, restore and sustainably use our natural resources.



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