B Corp Month

The entire month of March is B Corp month. We’ll be joining a global community of almost 4,000 businesses to celebrate what it means to be a Certified B Corporation™ and share our story to becoming a Better Business.

Every year during March, B Lab and the global B Corp community join together to celebrate everything that means to be a B Corp, while in the process we build awareness and educate diverse audiences on our achievements and the importance of the movement to transform our economic system for the better. Talking about what it means to be a B Corp, we build meaning, understanding, and trust around the B Corp Certification.

Being a B Corp Benelux means more than a certification, it means we put people first. We always consider our impact on our employees, customers, and communities because we believe business should be a force for good. And being a ‘Better Business’ means embarking on a journey of constant improvement to ensure you continuously exceed the expectations, demands and needs of society and the planet. B Corps are examples of better businesses, proven by their verified B Corp certification and their commitment to placing all stakeholders at the centre of their decisions.

This is a global initiative with B Corps from different sizes and industries participating all around around the world, and it is therefore an opportunity to collaborate beyond individual companies on the greater movement and the people who propel it forward every day.

"Proud to be part of a better business''

We operate on a triple bottom line, where people, planet and profit are all considered in our business decisions. But the collective vision of the transformed economic system that we’re building as a community is even bigger than this.

An inclusive and sustainable economy is built by everyone who works for, buys from, invests in and supports businesses that are striving to create shared prosperity for everyone.

Join us and become part of this new economy by choosing to buy better, work better, and do better every day. #BetterBusiness is better for all.


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